Rick Morrill Comedy Magician

As any parent knows, it takes a lot to keep kids occupied these days. And nowhere is that more in evidence than at a kid’s birthday party. You’ve got a bunch of kids, hyped up on sugar, excited to be with their friends, and they want to be entertained, gosh darn it!

Now you could go out and hire a clown, or a trio of Shetland ponies to give rides in the back yard (ugh, think of the after party cleanup), but really, why not provide the fun yourself? And what is it that kids of all ages have loved since the beginning of time? Why, it’s magic tricks!

Easy Magic Tricks for Birthday Parties

Learn some simple tricks and you’ll be the life of the party! Here’s a few to get you started.

  • Brain Reader – Ask one of the kids to pick an object in the room, any object, and tell the other kids what it is while you’re in the next room out of earshot. When you come back, ask another child to start touching objects, and when they come to the right one, you announce that’s it! This trick requires a co-conspirator. They’ll be the one to touch objects when you come back, giving some prearranged sign when they touch the right one. Pick a kid who won’t giggle and give it away.
  • Coin Bender – Hold a larger coin with your thumbs on the back and your first and second fingers on the front, facing your audience. Then move your thumbs upward and your fingers downward while twisting your hands inward towards you. Do this several times. The trick of it is to practice till you can do it quickly. It will appear to the kids that the coin is bending in your fingers.
  • Icy Breath – Cut a sponge so that it fits tightly into the bottom of a paper cup. Set an ice cube on the sponge. When it’s time for the trick, pour some water into the cup, and tell the kids you’ll freeze it with your breath, blowing into the cup. The sponge will soak up the water, and when you tip the cup, the ice cube will fall out. Hey, kids are still pretty gullible.

Schedule a Magician for your next Birthday Party

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