Rick Morrill Comedy Magician

If you are looking for sure-fire tips to make birthday parties in Frisco unforgettable, you’ve come to the right place. These are just some of the ways to make your child’s big event the best it can possibly be.


The best birthday parties in Frisco are the ones where all of the family members become involved in the planning. It can be natural for brothers and sisters to feel left out when it is not their birthday, so make sure they are part of the preparation. For example, you can make an older child responsible for taking pictures of the celebration, while another could hang up coats or collect the presents as your guests arrive. Maybe you can have another child help with invitations or refreshments.


If you are planning to have entertainment, you cannot go wrong with a magician. He or she will have everyone in attendance enthralled and engaged, providing memories that will last a lifetime. Take some time and look on the Internet for magicians in your area, and look at their websites for information on the type of entertainment they provide. A full-time performer would likely be preferable since you will be able to count on a professional show. When you make your choice, make sure all the guests are in their places to watch the performance when the magician arrives. Many magicians perform more than once a day so they need to remain on schedule.

After the Party

Remember to send thank you cards to everyone who attended and helped to make your child’s big day a memorable one. Enclose a picture of your child and his or her friend in the thank you card.

Rick Morrill has a great deal of experience in performing at birthday parties in Frisco and throughout the area. If you are ready to provide your child with an event he or she will never forget, contact Rick online or call 214-883-0378.