Rick Morrill Comedy Magician

If you are interested in magic lessons, you may be wondering how it works. Rick Morrill has been giving entertaining, informative lessons for years for people of all ages. He will provide you with a fun course that provides the fundamentals of magic while cluing you in on some of the secrets associated with some of the best-known tricks. Here are some of the most common questions we receive from people interested in lessons.

Do Magic Lessons Take Years to Learn?

Not at all. While there are thousands of magic lessons Rick could give you, his course mainly concentrates on the fundamentals. From your first lesson, you will immediately be able to astound your friends and family members with your new skills. As the course goes on, you will learn more advanced information such as balancing technical skills with showmanship.

Where Will We Meet?

That is completely up to you. Rick can host the magic lessons or he can come to a location that is more convenient for you. The typical lesson takes about an hour or two, and Rick will do all he can to schedule it at the time that is best for the student.

Aren’t Magic Lessons Just for Adults?

Rick is so good at providing magic lessons that he can successfully teach students of all ages. You may be surprised how many children he has taught. However, a lot of professionals have asked Rick for lessons as well, such as lawyers, doctors, salespeople and many others. Lessons can be incredibly effective for salespeople looking to make a special impression on potential clients.

If you would like to learn more about Rick’s magic lessons, contact him online or give him a call at 214-883-0378. He not only teaches magic, he also provides unforgettable performances for a wide range of occasions.